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Your own piece of Mother Nature
Take a slice of it and

DOOA… a new way to enjoy aquatic plants.
Open a colorful box, cast a spell,
create your very own new style.
Share your secrets with us on this webpage.
Where water and greenery come close together.

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Share a photograph of your aquarium produced with DOOA products on Instagram using hash tag “#DOOALIFE”, “#DOOA”, or “#ADA.”
We will select and introduce the photographs that catch our attention on this webpage.

Read the following terms in entirety and post your photograph on Instagram, which grants us your permission to repost it on this webpage:

●Terms for selection
ADA staff will select photographs from those posted with hash tags “#DOOALIFE”, “#DOOA”, or “#ADA” on Instagram and display the selected photographs on this site.
* Videos will not be eligible for an entry.
* If there is a problem with a posting or the way it is presented on this page, please let us know by sending email to