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DOOA NEW PRODUCTS ‘More Fun with DOOA’s New Ideas’

Full of freshness unique to DOOA

In order to propose new ways to enjoy greens, DOOA products are created from flexible ideas that are not stereotyped. This fall’s new items have playfulness unique to DOOA, and suggest new styles.
DOOA Sol Stand RGB
Sol Stand RGB is a successor model of Sol Stand G, and is equipped with RGB LED lights. With a pole stand that can be mounted to an aquarium tank, the height of the lighting unit can be adjusted, and the lighting unit can be swung (horizontal rotation) freely.

Product Information: https://dooa.jp/en/products/2020/08/sol-stand-rgb/

DOOA Magnet Light G
Magnet Light G is a small LED lighting fixture (USB Type A) equipped with white LED lights (green bulbs) making the green color of plants vivid, and the amount of light can be adjusted in 6 levels. There is a magnet built-in the top, and Magnet Light G can be used by attaching to Magnet Light Stand (or Magnet Light Mounting Arm). 

Product Information: https://dooa.jp/en/products/2020/10/magnet-light-g/

The rhythms that drops of water make when they slowly drip down are relaxing.
The lid has a fine hole, and drops of water dripping down create relaxation effects. And 4 holes on the upper part of the main body prevent the inside of SHIZUKU from becoming excessively stuffy, and the air can be exchanged appropriately.

Product Information: https://dooa.jp/en/products/2020/09/glass-pot-shizuku/

DOOA Magnet Light Stand
Magnet Light Stand is a steel stand for Magnet Light G suitable for Glass Pot SHIZUKU and Neo Glass Air. There are 3 different sizes available in the lineup.

Product Information: https://dooa.jp/en/products/2020/10/magnet-light-stand/?size=20L
Detachable with a magnet.

By applying the essential oil to the aroma pit, the scent of forest can be enjoyed.
It is a wooden base for Glass Pot SHIZUKU utilizing thinned cedar wood from Niigata. The gentle feel and warmth of wood unique to natural materials can be enjoyed.

Product Information: https://dooa.jp/en/products/2020/09/wood_base_shizuku/

DOOA Essential Oil
It is a 100% naturally deprived essential oil extracted from trees of Niigata. The scent is rich and delicate unlike synthetic products.

Product Information: https://dooa.jp/en/products/2020/09/essential-oil/

DOOA Water Softener
Water Softener with ion exchange resin easily removes minerals contained in tap water which cause stains on the glass surface.

Product Information: https://dooa.jp/en/products/2020/09/water-softener/


DOOA Magnet Light Mounting Arm (For Wood Base)
It is an arm for installing Magnet Light G to Wood Base. Made of steel with pierced DOOA logo.

Product Information: https://dooa.jp/en/products/2020/10/magnet-light-mounting-arm/


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