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ADA Review “Layout Composition of Aqua Terrarium”

Guiding the line of sight with the composition, plants and the flow of mist

In a layout with Mizukusa Mist Wall and System Terra where a composition is arranged, and plants are planted in the above water section, having a good balance of the scenery with a combination of the underwater and above water sections, is important.

With systems over W90cm with sufficient space for both wall and aquarium tank, while keeping a connection between the above water and underwater sections, a layout that takes advantages of both features, can be created.

①Because water and mist flows down from top to bottom in the wall section, by arranging a composition in the underwater section as envisioning a vertical design, the line of sight will be naturally guided from the above water section to the underwater section.

②Compared with the water flowing down vertically in the wall section, the water flows laterally underwater. Therefore, I placed a branch of driftwood that extends sideways in the composition arranged as being conscious of the vertical direction, and expressed the lateral movement of the water flow.

In Neo Glass Terra (H36), because a layout becomes relatively long toward sideways, and the water depth is shallow, the movement of the line of sight in the vertical direction is small, but by placing a branch of driftwood as being conscious of how mist falls down in such a situation, the mist flows down along the branch, and a consciousness in the vertical direction can be created.

In this layout, the mist released from the Mist Box is accumulated in the middle of the wall section once and starts moving to the lower right as flowing along the driftwood into the water.
*Specifications of the products used in this layout are different from the current product specifications.

If a layout has a vertical composition where the movement of the line of sight in the vertical direction is big, by placing the center of gravity of the layout in the underwater section and above water section in reverse, it will become balanced when looking at the entire layout.

①If placing emersed leaves to guide the line of sight to the central part right above the water surface from the bright area with aquatic plants underwater, the line of sight can be smoothly guided from underwater to above water.


Enjoy greenery from Aqua to Terra

While having “Have fun more freely” as a motto, ADA has added more species to the living product lineup, and the selling styles have become versatile depending on the plants. In this section, we would like to introduce ADA’s recommended plants by dividing the Aqua Terrarium environment into 4 areas

Wet Area

In an area where mist pours down all the time such as near the water surface, there is little change in humidity, and it is suitable for delicate plants that naturally grow in cloud forests etc. For tissue culture plants, be careful of drying right after planting.
Jungle Plants
Drosera spatulata
It is great for planting in soils or attaching to stones. You might be able to see its flowers if nutrition and light conditions are in place.
Jungle Plants
Begonia dracopelta
If planted near the wall, it climbs the wall. For the family of Begonia, it is important to be careful of drying right after planting
Wabi-Kusa Mat
Philodendron sp.
Because it is already rooted in the mat, it grows vigorously right after being placed. You can also expect a water purification effect.

Emerging Area

Because it is an area that connects between the underwater and above water sections, basically, choose aquatic plants. Living products of amphibious plants have white labels. Use it as a reference when purchasing plants at stores.
Jungle Plants
Bolbitis heteroclite
It is strong and seamlessly grows well from underwater to above water. Actually, it is an easy to use all-rounder.
Jungle Plants
Legenandra meeboldii ‘Vinay chandra’
Unlike other Lagenandra, it is suitable for open-areas because this species is likely to grow vertically.
Jungle Plants
Echinodorus ‘Arjuna’
It tends to grow large among red Echinodorus species. It would be great to have the crimson figure majestically in the emerging area.

Wall Area

Wabi-Kusa Mat with excellent water-holding capacity and water permeability is essential for wall layouts. Here are 3 types of mosses for Aqua Terrarium. Use them accordingly depending on the situations.
Wabi-Kusa Mat
Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Peacock Moss’
Less troubles are likely to happen under humidity conditions. It is a standard species for Terrarium. If you have a hard time deciding, choose Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Peacock Moss’.
Wabi-Kusa Mat
Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Spiky Moss’
It grows beautifully when there is a moderate difference in dryness and humidity. It is recommended when setting ON/OFF routine for the circulation pump.
Wabi-Kusa Mat
Vesicularia montagnei
It is the fastest species to adapt from the underwater to above water environment. It is recommended to place it at the top of the wall because it is relatively resistant to dryness and prefers light.

Dry Area

Epiphytic orchids are recommended for dry areas like branch tips of driftwood. Fix it using Terra Line with Terra Tape and Sphagnum. It is essential to spray mist because it is important to alternate wet and dry for its growth.
Jungle Plants
Maxillaria vernicosa 
Its small size bulbs look adorable. It is perfect for small Aqua Terrarium to add a beautiful touch.
Jungle Plants
Coelogyne fimbriata
It is a classic species with just the right size for Aqua Terrarium. It is recommended to check the growth direction before placing it.
Jungle Plants
Dendrobium lichenastrum
It is an epiphytic orchid native to northern Australia with distinctive rugby ball shaped leaves. It develops new buds in a way that they are crawling.


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