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Enjoy DOOA ‘Enjoying small Begonia species as an expression of scattered maple leaves’

The back of leaves of Begonia dregei used as the main plant in this layout, is red and looks like maple. Although it is a little too early, I created an Aqua Terrarium layout expressing autumn scenery. Therefore, I even left fallen leaves intentionally and incorporated them as part of the scenery when taking the picture. A floating plant called Phyllanthus fluitans was used while envisioning it as scattering maple leaves. Moreover, the reason why I attached a lot of moss to river stones was because my inspirations came from scenery of a mossy mountain stream. And the flowing mist successfully enhanced the atmosphere too.
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DOOA System Terra 30
DOOA Mistflow
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Begonia dregei
Phyllanthus fluitans
Salvinia natans
Leucobryum juniperoideum
Plagiomnium acutum 
Hypnum plumaeforme Wilson
Lindsaea japonica
Solanum evolvulifolium
Wabi-Kusa Mat Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Peacock Moss’

Nemacheilus scaturigina
Schistura balteata
Location: Akame-Shijuhachi Fall in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture
Photo: Naru Uchida (ADA)
Expression of flowing water
Water is being drawn to the surface of the stones by using Terra Tape. Besides mist, it becomes more interesting when the movement of water is added.
Fallen leaves that blend into the scenery
It might be because of the well-kept moderate humidity, I found it very interesting to see roots that were coming out of Begonia leaves. It also helped deepen the impression of autumn.
Expression of a sandy place with different particle sizes
By mainly having Aqua Gravel and mixing it with small size grain sand, a sandy place preferred by schistura was created.


Key points for maintaining System Terra 30

Addition to daily maintenance, by performing maintenance even more proactively, it becomes possible to grow plants beautifully for a long time.

POINT 1. Washing sludge off of Wabi-Kusa Mat

Sludge starts building up on Wabi-Kusa Mat as time goes. To prevent the sludge from flowing into the filtration tank, turn off the circulation pump and wash it off with spray or shower. After that, change the water in the aquarium and restart the pump.

Point 2. Pump ON/OFF   Routine settings

When controlling the circulation pump with Power Cord S-70 and setting a routine as the chart, you will be able to suppress blue-green algae that are likely to grow on Wabi-Kusa Mat. And by drying the cascade surface temporarily, it becomes harder for algae to grow, and it helps create extra time for the maintenance frequency.

Point 3. Clean the pump frequently

If pieces of aquatic plants get stuck in the inflow slit located on the side of the circulation pump, not only does the water not circulate, but the Mistflow also stops. Consequently, it also causes great damages to plants in the above water section. Prevent it with regular maintenance.
【Mistflow Sensor Water Level Aptitude Diagram】

Point 4. Water level sensor of Mistflow

When the amount of mist generated is low, check if there are algae growing on the vibration plate as well as the water level of the filtration tank. If the water sensor is about 1cm below the water surface, it is ideal for generating mist. Use the flow rate controller that comes with the outflow pipe for the water level.

Point 5. Regular maintenance for Cascade

When cleaning sludge accumulated in the cascade with a sponge, make sure to start cleaning after turning off the circulation pump in order to prevent sludge from flowing to Wabi-Kusa Mat. By removing the blockage in the slit with Cascade Brush S, water can be supplied to Wabi-Kusa Mat evenly.


【Cascade Water Level Aptitude Diagram】

Mist evenly flows throughout at an appropriate water level.
Due to the high water level, mist is shifted to the left.
Due to the low water level, sufficient water is not supplied to Wabi-Kusa Mat on the right.


“Aqua Journal vol.311”


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