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Have fun with system Vol. 2 “Enjoy the acclimatization”

DOOA’s system aquariums allow us to effortlessly enjoy creating layouts and growing plants. Shibata, one of the best maintenance technicians in the NAC department, introduces the daily maintenance and practice. I’m doing the maintenance today too!, says Shibata.

Plants Adapting to Environment

Once the System Terra layout is created, until it is stabilized, water quality and humidity should be measured frequently to create an environment in which the planted plants can acclimatize easily. Since the substrate consists of only cosmetic sand and soil, algae are unlikely to grow in the initial setup stage. However, if water change is neglected based on the fact, and only water is added for evaporation, the concentration of NO3 may increase and diatoms may form. We prevent algae outbreaks by checking the amount of nitrogen detected and adjusting the amount of water changed. In addition, we run the pump and Mistflow 24 hours a day for one month immediately after production to prevent the plants from drying out near the walls. We maintain the transplanted plants in a variety of ways to ensure that they become acclimated to their new environment.
Water quality:
NH4 0.2
N02 0.002∼0.5
N03 5
TH 75
PO4 0
pH 6.2

Plants having an optimum humidity of over 70%, such as water-loving ferns and Homalomena sp., have been planted, and they are gradually acclimatizing to the environment, thanks to the Mistflow effect.
Point 01. Facilitates acclimatization
Leaves and other foliage present at the time of planting tend to fade with changes in the environment.  So, do not maintain them forcefully, but cut them to encourage the development of acclimatized new shoots.
Acclimatized sprouts of Microsorum sp. ‘krabi’
Point 02. Water quality measurements to determine condition
We will control algae by ascertaining the amount of nitrogenous in the early start-up stage. Algae that still develop will be removed in the early stage with a hose.
Point 03. Maintaining humidity
The Mistflow is constantly operated to prevent the walls from drying out. The operating time is adjusted according to the condition of the plants depending on the humidity of the room in which it is installed.
Tissue culture aquatic plants.
They are acclimatized and growing healthy on both water and land.


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