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MIZUKUSA FOCUS “Trimming of emersed leaves”

Wabi-Kusa can be enjoyed on land or water. When you grow Wabi-Kusa, such as Stem Plant Mix, it will require daily maintenance as well as eventual trimming. Trimming is key to keeping a vigorous Wabi-Kusa beautiful for a long period of time. Let’s look at the way to trim the stem plants contained in a Wabi-Kusa.

Trimming of emersed leaves

Various stem plants are grown densely in Wabi-Kusa. You can enjoy luxuriantly growing aquatic plants in the form of Wabi-Kusa. Aquatic plants grow fast above water as well as underwater and they grow into a large bush quickly. It is good that they grow well, but if neglected, Wabi-Kusa will not last long. Fast growing aquatic plants spread their leaves and cast shadows. Those growing underneath become weak and die off eventually. It is necessary to trim aquatic plants at proper timing to maintain the beauty of the plants for a long time.
A key point to maintain Wabi-Kusa in a good condition for a long time is to control the growth rates of the competing stem plants. Various plants grow together within a single Wabi-Kusa. Daily maintenance work, such as misting, is important to grow Wabi-Kusa attractively. Wabi-Kusa should be sprayed using Wabi-Kusa Mist to replenish nutrients and repel pest insects. If Wabi-Kusa does not grow well, its environmental conditions, such as the light intensity, humidity, and the airflow from an air conditioner should be examined. When the growing condition changes, you should see a change in the plants within one week. Fast growing aquatic plants are living things that are fun to observe. Enjoy watching the daily change in the vigorous Wabi-Kusa by adding one to your living space.

The appearance of a Wabi-Kusa that is growing well. Although it may seem too soon to trim it at this stage, cutting shoots at this length encourages them to grow without getting stressed and makes it easy to maintain their density.

The appearance of the Wabi-Kusa after trimming. Long aquatic plants, those that tend to spread sideways, or those that develop large leaves should be trimmed preferentially. If you want to leave some plants untrimmed for their ornamental value, consider the overall outline of the Wabi-Kusa and select the ones to be left untrimmed.


Enlarged view of the trimmed surface

Plants in Wabi-Kusa can be trimmed to within 2 cm of height if the temporary sparseness of the Wabi-Kusa does not bother you. This allows the terminal buds with small aquatic plants that were not cut during trimming to develop well in a better light condition and catch up to other more developed plants. The ones that were cut during trimming have been growing well from the start and have thick stems. Their roots are also well developed. They will sprout new shoots relatively quickly after trimming and grow back to the same level in about four weeks.



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