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In the planted aquarium layout, the coloring components may seep out from the substrate or driftwood and water may yellow.
Also, excessive phosphoric acid and nitric acid in the water cause algae to grow.
Although these problems can be solved by changing the aquarium water, let’s take advantage of Aqua Clean AC from now on.
AQUA CLEAN AC is a replacement type adsorption filtration material pack, optimum for SYSTEM AQUA 30 and SYSTEM TERRA 30. It can also be used with a SUPER JET FILTER.
(2 packs included in a box)

Adsorption filtration material that removes substances that cause algae growth, yellowing / organic matter and cleans water.

In the Nature Aquarium, we use Power Sand or Aqua Soil as the substrate material to nurture aquatic plants well. These substrate materials contain nutrients aquatic plants require to grow, but if those ingredients dissolve in water it will color the water or cause algae to grow. In addition, similar coloring components will seep out from driftwoods, Wabi-Kusa, etc., causing water to yellow or brown.

These problems can be solved by removing causative substances from the aquarium by changing the water, but especially for aquarium starters, it is felt that the water change is laborious work. AQUA CLEAN AC is an adsorption filtration pack for removing these causative substances. By simply putting it in a filtration chamber, water can be cleaned and the labor of changing water can be reduced. The pack contains two kinds of adsorption filter materials, high performance activated carbon and activated alumina, which can effectively remove water contamination.

High performance activated carbon is particularly excellent in adsorption properties of coloring components and dissolved organic matter, and it has the effect of keeping water colorless and transparent by exchanging regularly. In addition, activated alumina adsorbs phosphoric acid (PO₄) and nitric acid (NO₃), so it is effective as algae countermeasure. From now on, please keep the aquarium easier with AQUA CLEAN AC.


It is effective to set the AQUA CLEAN AC in a place with good water passage in the filtration chamber. In the SYSTEM AQUA 30, set a pack at the top of the Filter 1, while at the top of the Filter 2 in the SYSTEM TERRA 30.


For SUPER JET FILTER, use one pack for ES-150 · ES-300, and 2 packs for ES-600 as a guideline. (2 packs when using ES-300 in 60 cm water tank) Set it at the top of the filtration canister for easy replacement.


Comparison of water coloring and water quality

By using AQUA CLEAN AC, dissolved organic matter (measured by COD), phosphoric acid (PO₄) and nitric acid (NO₃) can be removed in addition to yellowing of water. If the coloring of water cannot be absorbed, replace with the new pack (approx. 2 weeks as a guide for replacement).
* Comparison was made with water dissolving AQUA SOIL-Amazonia’s extract.


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