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  3. DOOA STYLE #13 Enjoy Carnivorous plants in an open-style aquarium.

DOOA STYLE #13 Enjoy Carnivorous plants in an open-style aquarium.

Attracting our attention with their various trapping mechanisms, carnivorous plants are a group of plants that can be enjoyed with DOOA goods, as their commercial tissue culture production and hybridization have advanced. With this layout example, the key was to help them adapt to the low humidity environment. The Drosera plants I used are from the Jungle Plants series (tissue culture plants). Instead of planting them right away, I gradually peeled the lid off the cup and let the plants grow there for a while so that they can get used to the humidity of the air outside of the cup before planting. By doing so, the risk of damage caused by dryness immediately after planting can be reduced. For Nepenthes, I picked tough hybrids and wrapped their roots with sphagnum moss, then placed them in the hollows of the driftwood. I made a little trick on the back of the driftwood, using Terra Tape, to draw in water.
DOOA Neo Glass Air  W30×D18×H12(cm)
DOOA Jungle Base, DOOA Jungle Soil

1. Nepenthes ventricosa×(maxima×talangensis)
2. Nepenthes singalana×ventricosa
3. Jungle Plants Drosera spatulata
4. Jungle Plants Drosera adelae 
5. Davallia mariesii moore
    Entodon sp.
    Bartramia pomiformis
    Sphagnum magellanicum
    Sphagnum sp.
6. BIO Mizukusa no Mori Utricularia graminifolia

Creation/ Kota Iwahori
*They are sold in sealed cups.
The open-style layout allows us to closely observe plants attracting and catching insects.
There are many easy to grow hybrids that retain some of the attractive characteristics of the original species.
The sense of depth and freedom is created by the size difference between small Drosera spatulata planted in the back and Drosera adelae in the front.


“Aqua Journal vol. 310”


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