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If you want to beautifully grow many aquatic plants in aquarium, CO₂ supply is essential. The newly released DOOA CO₂ SYSTEM KIT is a CO₂ supply system, particularly suited for small tanks such as SYSTEM AQUA 30 and SYSTEM TERRA 30. This time we introduce the set contents and setup.

Easy to install CO₂ SYSTEM KIT for small aquarium to 60cm tank.

Green plants including aquatic plants can grow well by making photosynthesis. Light, water, and CO₂ are indispensable for the photosynthesis of such plants. In the water where aquatic plants grow, there is enough water in the surroundings, but light and CO₂ are not always sufficient, and if these are insufficient aquatic plants don’t grow well. The reason is mostly due to lack of lighting illumination and insufficient supply of CO₂. Especially, it is necessary to supply a sufficient amount of CO₂ for photosynthesis of aquatic plants. Therefore, in an aquarium growing aquatic plants, the CO₂ supply system becomes important. The CO₂ SYSTEM KIT is a CO₂ supply system for a small aquarium like DOOA series SYSTEM AQUA 30 and SYSTEM TERRA 30 and up to a 60cm water tank. CO₂ FOREST BOTTLE can be used for the replacement cartridge, which is common to existing CO₂ ADVANCED SYSTEM FOREST etc., and it can be easily installed in a corresponding aquarium by using the attached CO₂ METAL HOOK. Of course, it includes CO₂ COUNT DIFFUSER, tubes and all the parts necessary for starting CO₂ supply. So please supply CO₂ sufficiently to the aquarium and grow healthy and beautiful aquatic plants.


Installation of CO₂ SYSTEM KIT

In addition to SYSTEM AQUA 30 and SYSTEM TERRA 30, CO₂ SYSTEM KIT also supports CUBE GARDEN with glass thickness of 6mm or less. It can be installed easily with the attached CO₂ METAL HOOK. For a replacement cartridge, please use CO₂ FOREST BOTTLE.

The newly designed CO₂ regulator installed on a tank with CO₂ METAL HOOK.

Installation is easy and simple with the CO₂ COUNT DIFFUSER included in the KIT.

The CO₂ SYSTEM KIT contains all parts necessary for installation.


CO₂ METAL HOOK included in the CO₂ SYSTEM is designed only for DOOA CO₂ regulator. Because of its unique structure that cannot be easily detached for safety reason, the method of attaching to and detaching from the CO₂ regulator is also unique. Please check with the video.

Fit the CO₂ METAL HOOK while turning into the groove of the CO₂ regulator. When removing it, pull out while rotating in reverse direction.


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